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Founded in January of 2004, FilmPool, Inc. has emerged from a boutique Post-Production Company into a blossoming Television & Film/Production Company. FilmPool owners are former Major League Baseball star Kenny Lofton and actor/post-production veteran Brenton Earley. FilmPool began as a DVD duplication business and has since grown into a full production/post-production company.

FilmPool has expanded by adding three Hi-Def Editing Suites, a Davinci Resolve Color-Correction Suite, 5.1 ProTools HD Audio Suite, along with V.O. booth and a Digital Tape Room. Most recently, our expansion has included a Closed Caption bay. We have also added personnel with expertise in all areas of post including accomplished composers and producers in every genre of music composition.

Having made its mark in the post-production sector, FilmPool is now poised to continue growing by building out the production segment of the company. From the beginning, our goal has always been to produce original content, and by using the profits from our post-production facility to purchase our own Hi-Def production equipment, we are now creating and producing our own content at a fraction of the rate that it would cost most production companies.

FilmPool is currently developing nine separate reality television shows, as well as one scripted television show. We also own the rights to the crossover film, “Scrambled Eggs”, a hilarious family film that appeals to all demographics, and we have a number of other exciting TV and Film projects underway.

FilmPool is made up of an exceedingly creative and diverse team who commit themselves to the highest level of production values and quality. Our mission is to produce entertaining, compelling creative, and we welcome the opportunity to work with anyone who shares our vision.

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