Audio / Music

Post-Audio Services:

Post-Audio Supervision

*Complete supervision of all facets of audio post
*Provide all equipment necessary for all facets of audio post
*Provide and contract all necessary personnel


*Auto-conform dialog
*Dialog editing
*Spot, record & edit ADR
*Record & edit voiceover narration
*Pre-dub as well as re-record dialog


*Edit production effects
*Spot BGs, hard FX & all foley
*Create backgrounds & foregrounds
*Create hard FX
*Record and edit footsteps, props & cloth
*Pre-dub as well as re-record BGs, FX & foley

Music for Picture

*Spot music cues
*Edit temp music
*Compose & edit score
*Acquire & license source music
*Edit source music
*Edit music for any other audio post usage
*Pre-dub as well as re-record music


*Spot for sound-design
*Create, fill & edit sound-design
*Pre-dub as well as re-record sound-design

Print Mastering

*Every form of audio available for transfer to every media format
*Dolby authoring
*Optical transfers
*All playback formats available

Track Sheet Generation

*Generate track sheet formats: Dialog, ADR, FX, BGs, All Foley & Music

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